Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Cleaner, 32 fl oz - 6 Pack, EPA Registered, Pull-Top Bottle

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.HCH 68832CS
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Powerful Clorox Germicidal Bleach Wipes: Achieve unparalleled disinfection with our EPA-registered germicidal bleach wipes, effective in eliminating C. difficile* and C. auris within just 3 minutes. Our ready-to-use formula also eradicates over 50 other harmful microorganisms in under a minute. Packaging may vary.

Advanced One-Step Cleaner and Disinfectant: Simplify your cleaning process with our potent disinfectant wipes that not only clean and deodorize but also leave minimal residue, ensuring a cleaner surface and fresher environment.

Highly Effective Clorox Disinfecting Formula: Trusted to neutralize highly infectious pathogens in 3 minutes or less. Confirmed to kill C. difficile* spores, C. auris, and other outbreak-causing viruses, as well as MRSA and VRE, making it a staple in healthcare settings.

CDC & OSHA Compliant: Our professional-grade bleach disinfectant adheres to CDC and OSHA guidelines for surface disinfection in healthcare environments, offering a reliable 1:10 bleach dilution ratio.

Essential for Healthcare Facilities: Ideal for use in hospitals, medical and dental offices, veterinary clinics, and long-term care facilities. These wipes are also recommended for cleaning and maintaining medical equipment effectively."

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